Straightforwardly, Maeri is a painful song. For those of us whose mothers have played an important part in our lives, it hits a chord.

Maeri literally translates to ‘Mother.’ The song speaks of all that the singer’s mother did for him as a child, and how he remembers it after she’s gone. He speaks of how her eyelids trembled slowly as she lay beside him to put him to sleep, and how she prayed for his future. Everything that his mother said to him was sweeter than any music he’d heard. Her voice was like necter to his ears. He speaks of how she waited for him everyday, and would cry if he were late.

Now that she’s gone, he feels lonely and more isolated than ever. He relives those memories and hopes futilely for them to come back. He cares no more about life, death, success and failure, for he has nothing to do with them but share them with his mother, who is not here.

This hauntingly beautiful track resonates a voice of every heart who’s had a mother or lacked one. It is the voice of desperation, pleas, hopes, fears and sadness at the inevitability of loss. It’s the perfect exemplification of how things lost are the ones most precious to us.  


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I am a daydreamer, book/movie/music lover, media student who likes to talk in third person and dream about bizarre scenarios involving dragons, witches and more books.
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