I see on this Earth:

A short poem about the seven deadly sins as a part of the Daily Prompt on The Daily Post


I see on this earth:

 The vendor, the tailor, the officer, the sailor,

Sleeping in their homes, at work,

At dawn and again at dusk.

Looking over papers and files with droopy eyes,

Turning their heavy heads from left to right.

Eating money out of people’s pockets,

Money that should be earned right.

The man, the woman, the child,

Eating more than their worth,

Eating more than they can file.

Delicacies and drinks,

In silver, in gold,

Sweets and sugar and spice,

Much more than they can hold.

I see on this Earth:

The hater, the traitor, the breaker,

Boiling with rage,

His blood simmering in his veins,

Like a bird chained in a cage.

The one who snaps your neck and breaks your teeth,

Unhinges your muscles and bones,

And chews on the weak.

The sadist, the rapist, the lecher,

Looking through conniving eyes,

For his next prey.

He’ll push, he’ll pull, he’ll tear,

He’ll rip, he’ll rape,

Suckle on your chest,

He’ll tether’ he’ll whither, he’ll wear.

I see on this Earth:

The high, the mighty, the proud,

Looking to the skies,

But never to the ground.

They crush, they saunter, they gloat,

What is right is what fits their boat.

They mock, they laugh, they jest,

These are the ones who think them best.

The jealous, the envious, the hater,

He cannot bear to see you happy,

He wants what he wants now, not later.

They shoot at you daggers of their minds,

Whips of ill wishes, arrows to pierce thine eyes,

Hammer to crush, spear to hole,

Axes to cut, sharp nuts and bolts.

And Last, I see:

The wanton, avaricious, the greed,

He wants what he wants,

The mountains, the clouds and seven seas.

He wants the clothes, the drapes,

The money, the name, the fame,

The tapestry, the bed, the frame,

The whore of the lively game.

These sins are yours,

These sins are mine,

These sins are theirs,

And theirs and theirs and thine.

They plunge, they plague, they lust,

They loot, they take, they cut.

They kill, they torture, they rip, they reap,

They tear, they wear, they make us bleed.


About chateauwordsville

I am a daydreamer, book/movie/music lover, media student who likes to talk in third person and dream about bizarre scenarios involving dragons, witches and more books.
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16 Responses to I see on this Earth:

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  2. I wish I had enough words to appreciate this one!
    So true, so painful, so powerful.

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